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Tokenizing Value to New Heights

The road to NFTs aren’t as complicated as you may think. You just need the right guide.

Gettone [je-TOE-nay] means “token” in Italian

We use many forms of tokenization in our daily lives. Loyalty cards for supermarkets, coffee and retail shops. With the rise of Blockchain and NFTs, tokenization can now add real value.

Whatever your professional or industry, NFTs can help drive customer engagement and provide the ‘keys’ to the unlimited possibilities in the Web3 space. Gettone is here to help you on this journey.

NFT Strategy

Technology is ever changing. The Blockchain / NFT space is growing and you will need a strategy that is flexible and adaptable to change.

Social Engagement

Your customers are vital to your business. Gaining new customers as well as retaining them is fundamental. Tokenization can increase engagement and introduce new ways in customer loyalty incentives. POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) tokens is a great way to start for both on and offline event. Gettone is a POAP Studio Partner.

Project Assurance

Are you set for success? Having the right team is crucial but a solid plan execution is key. Having project assurance ensures that quality is maintained throughout the product/project lifecycle.

Salesforce Expertise

With over 17 years experience of Salesforce project implementation. Gettone is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and with combined expertise in Salesforce and knowledge of Blockchain, Web3 and NFTs. Salesforce Web3 is here and we are ready to assist you with your implementation.

Transparency is key

Fixed Price Projects

No hidden costs.

Receive on time

No one likes a creep, especially scope creep. Experienced project management, dedication to deliver on time.

Fast work turnaround

Projects are managed in Agile. Communicating progress and development to date, ensures a quicker turn around

Let’s work together

Connect over a virtual coffee and learn more about how the Blockchain and NFTs can add value to your business.

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